Tenerife Trips and Excursions – the Island was chosen as 1st Travel Destination by TripsPoint!

Tenerife was chosen as the first travel destination in the world by revolutionary booking platform TripsPoint.com! There are already a lot bookable best selected tours and activities are listed on TripsPoint.com and there’s 1st TripsPoint Destination Manager working in Tenerife taking care of listings and bookings and giving support both for new local tour and activity suppliers and travellers coming to Tenerife.


That shows how important travel destination Tenrife is and it makes searching, selecting and booking trips and excursions in Tenerife so easy as never before. Why the booking platform TripsPoint.com is so different from other websites offering tours and activities in Tenerife? So, there are a few really important reasons:



Every Tenerife trips and excursions on TripsPoint is easily bookable. It take really seconds to book a tour there and what’s important – Travelers can really perfectly plan their tours and activities, because no full prepayment required. Booking a trip or excursion on TripsPoint, you pay just small booking deposit with a credit or debit card, or with PayPal, securing your booking – so you can be sure – your places reserved and the tour is fixed for you. After the booking made you are getting by e-mail your tour Voucher which’s your booking confirmation at the same time. And then you pay the remaining balance (most of the payment) on the day of the tour or activity directly to tour or activity provider. Easy! Simple and don’t require you to pay full ammount in advance, so you can book the tours there for months or even years in advance!



It because tour and activity providers are adding their listings by themselves and taking caring of your bookings. TripsPoint tour and activity providers set by themselves the amount of required booking deposit that must be paid to secure the booking. The booking deposit, if fact, is just a partial payment you do to the tour provider, so they can be sure your booking is serious and you will show on the date and time specified in your tour Voucher at the Pick-Up Point. Even, if there’s smaller and very busy tour provider that can be without internet at the moment or doing a tour, there’s always Destination Manager taking care of your booking. So, if the tour provider somewhere on the tour or too busy, Destination Manager goes into the action contacting the tour provider directly and confirming your booking!



It amazingly easy to find what are you looking for at TripsPoint. Moreover, if you know more or less location where are you gong to stay in Tenerife, you can even use the map to discover what kind of tours and activities are available right by your location.



There are a lot of very advanced technologies under the hood of TripsPoint.com and we found TripsPoint Messenger extremely useful! With TripsPoint Messenger you can communicate directly with the booked tour and activity providers just like you do it ie- in WhatsApp. It’s very important feature of TripsPoint, because you are not always having phone connection or it simply too expensive, but with TripsPoint Messenger you don’t need to call! What you need is just find a Wi-Fi, login to your TripsPoint account, find the booked tour on the list of active bookings and just click ‘Contact Tour Privider’ to start conversation, asking your questions or clarifying things that are not clear to you.


TripsPoint is an impressive open booking platform connecting travellers whole the world around with local tour and activities providers in their travel destinations and Tenerife appeared FIRST on the list of TripsPoint destiantions. This booking platform is based on the crowd work system and any tour or activity suppliers from whole the world can join and add their tours, so we pretty sure, it will expand very quickly and become the main tool in the traveller’s hands!